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Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Week

The time really doesn't fly here. It feels like I have lived here forever. Let me just update you on what I have done. I got here Friday night at 10pm, that's like 2am Utah time. The highway was blocked by a traffic accident just 20 minutes outside of La'ie, so after traveling for about 30 minutes from the airport in Honolulu, we had to turn around and drive around the island the other way. (2 more hours) so I got to La’ie at 6am Utah time. So it was a 24 hour day. I then went to graduation ad I saw Elder Scott and President and Sister Shumway. So the caf is great, good food. I thought I would loose weight, but I can see that won’t happen. The PCC is the coolest place on Earth. Hmm. Oh I bought a car for a day. After discovering that registration and safety inspections are not so easily obtained I got my money back. The first day with my car was exciting. So exciting, that I forgot to put gas it. Needless to say I drove past the gas station and about a half a mile down the road it stated to die. Well the roads are narrow and lots of traffic on the highway so I pulled over and turned around as I was pulling back on the road the back tire exploded! So I tried to find a place to park but then the motor died and I was stuck I coasted to the edge of the road. I jumped out the passenger side door (that being the only door that opened), to change the tire and realized that there is no tire tool. Fortunately Hawaiians are nice I walked to a house and barrowed one. I changed the tire smashing my finger in the process so I was bleeding everywhere. I took the tool back and began walking to the gas station. I bought a gas can and gas. Well the next day I tried to get a new tire and a safety inspection and apparently in Hawaii you have to also have 4 good tires, a muffler and the doors have to open. Well instead of putting money into it I took it back and got my money back. I found the bus to be quite useful. I swam in the ocean for the first time and went to the original Shaved Ice Shack on the North Shore. The flee market in Honolulu is also a great way to spend money. Well that is it for this week! Talk to you later!


Blogger politicchic6 said...

So no car? Alas, it sounds sad but it seems even with the problems you are having quite the hawaiian adventure!!!

12:25 PM  
Blogger The Rage said...

I about died laughing when reading about all of the car "incidents". But I don't think that Hawaii is the only place that you need to have a safe and reliable or just working car in order for it pass the inspection. I loved shave ice and ate it almost everyday back in the day when I lived it up in Hawaii (I

4:43 PM  
Blogger The Rage said...

was 12). AND the PCC is pretty how I just continued on like I didn't accidentally post my comment whilst trying to minimize the screen because I'm sitting at work and my boss walked in. I'm just that good...

5:37 PM  

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