Location: La'ie, Hawaii

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Almost a month!

Ok so I have lived in Hawaii for almost a month now. In the last week I got to do some pretty adventurous things. First of all I went to Turtle Bay golf course, where many pro golfers play and it hold PGA champions tournaments and such. I climbed to laie falls which was quite a bit more of a hike than I had anticipated. We edged along the hill side where above and below us the mountainside was nearly straight up and down. But when we got there I got to swim in the first fresh water that I had been in since I got here. I enjoy the salt water, but fresh water just doesn’t burn quite so bad. I to Ted’s bakery home of the famous chocolate haupia cream pie. Three of us ate a whole pie. A bee found a place to swim in my soda too, so that was fun for him. I snorkeled at sunset beach, where Adam Sandler owns a house and Elvis used too. I found a few shells and some coral, but no mermaids. This week I tried surfing at hukilau beach off of goat island, which is one of the only good breaks in the summer. We had to paddle a few hundred yards just to get to the island. I am not very skilled in paddling a surf board because 10 yards from where I could last touch I got stuck in the waves and not knowing how to duck dive I pretty much was at the mercy of the waves. Luckily the waves clamed for a few minutes enough to get past the reef, so week took off but by this time my arms were so sore from paddling I just had guy in front of me pull me. I just held his foot. It was at this moment when I realized that I might not be a surfer. Fifteen minutes later when we weren’t even close to the island I realized that maybe the guy pulling me wasn’t much of a surfer. I probably would have just sat out there all day because it was pretty nice, but then I saw something dark in the water in front of us. All I could think of was Jaws. I asked if there were sharks and my friend comforted me by saying that in that part of the ocean there were probably sharks. But he said if one touches you just pull your arms and legs in and get on the board, well I thought that would be a time to practice. My balance isn’t so good so I decided to call it a day and quickly paddled into shore with my toes pointing in the air. Near the shore we practiced catching waves; I think I’ll try it again someday. I'll never know what I saw. Probably a turtle or mermaid or something. Yesterday I rode the bus to Waimeia Bay and jumped off some cliffs. So such is the life on the north shore.


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